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Shuttle Bus

Regular Airport Transfers (Shuttle) in Cappadocia
All of the domestic flights arriving/departing Cappadocia (both Kayseri and Nevsehir airports) have regular shuttle buses,
however, advance booking is required and the drivers cannot accept passengers not on their list.
Fortunately, booking shuttle bus transfers is easy! Email us at info@aydinligoremetravel.com and we can book your transfers to
and from the Cappadocia area.
The Kayseri Airport is 70km from Goreme and the drive takes about 1 hour. The Nevsehir Airport is located 50 km from Goreme
and the drive is about 40 minutes.
When departing Cappadocia by plane, you will be picked up at your hotel approximately 2 to 3 hours prior to the flight departure
time. You will arrive at least 1 hour before your plane departs, allowing plenty of time to check-in for your flight.
Cappadocia Airport Codes
ASR Erkilet International Airport, Kayseri One hour drive from Goreme
NAV Kapadokya International Airport, Nevsehir 40 minutes drive from Goreme
Prıvate transfer to and from  both airport (Kayseri and Nevşehir )with ;
Our prıvate transfer is allways available at any time for our guests and its offers a good sevice with our experienced driver.
İf you would like to make reservation for Airport Transfer Just send us your flight details by  e-mail: