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About Turkey



About Turkey

Turkey is a  big country divided into seven regions ;

Central Anatolia, Black Sea,Marmara,Aegean,Mediterranean,Southeastern and Eastern.

Central Anatolia

The Central Anatolia is exactly in the middle of the country and gives the appearance of being less mountainous compared with the other regions. The peak of the area is Mt.Erciyes (3.917 meters).

Black Sea

The uneven North Anatolian terrain running along the Black Sea resembles a narrow but long belt. The land of this region is approximately 1/6 of Turkey’s total land area.


Marmara covers the area encircling the Sea of Marmara includes the entire European part as well as the northwest of the Anatolian plain.


Aegean extends from the Aegean coast to the inner parts of Western Anatolia. There are significant differences between the coastal areas and those inland, in terms of both geographical features and economic and social aspects.


In the Mediterranean, located in the south of Turkey, the western and central Taurus Mountains rise up closely behind the coastline.

Southeastern & Eastern Anatolia

The Eastern Anatolia is Turkey’s largest and highest region. About three fourths of it is at an altitude of 1,500-2,000 meters. There are numerous inactive volcanoes at its surroundings such as Nemrut, Suphan, Tendurek and highest peak in the country; Mount Agri (Ararat), which is 5,165 meters.


20 Facts About TURKEY

  1. Turkey isn’t called Turkey.It is actually been called the Repuplic of Turkey since 1923.
  2. In 1503,Leonardo da Vinci submitted plans for a bridge across the Bosphorus-it was never build.
  3. Turkey is responsible for 80% of the world’s hazelnuts exports.
  4. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has 64 streets,4000 shops and 25.000 workers.
  5. The first ever Christian Church to be build by man was in Antioch,Turkey.
  6. Santa Claus (St Nicholas) was born in Patara,Turkey.
  7. Most Turks didn’t have surnames until 1934.
  8. Turkey was the birthplace of historical figures such as Aesop,Homer and St.Paul the Apostle
  9. There are dozens of minorty languages in Turkey, and education in Turkish or Kurdish is available for all.
  10. More journalists are imprisoned in Turkey than any other country.
  11. Turkey ‘s Istanbul Tunel is the world’s second oldest underground railway-it began operation in 1875.
  12. Turkey’s Black Sea coastline stretches for 1605km.That’s the same distance as Paris to Berlin.
  13. ‘’Cekoslavakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmısınız’’ is the longest wort in Turkish. “Are you one of those people whom we couldn’t make to be originating from Czechoslovakia?”
  14. Ankara is the capital of Turkey –not Istanbul.It became so in 1923 after the War of independence.
  15. Despide the appearance of camels at holiday resorts,there is no desert in Turkey and there are no native camels.
  16. An old Turkish tradition says ‘’ a stranger at one’s doorstep is God’s guest for at least tree days’’
  17. The Turkish alphabet doesn’t include ‘’X’’ or ‘’ Q’’,but has other letters such as the dotless ‘’i’’ (I) instead.
  18. Istanbul is the world’s only city spanning two continents and only 3% of Turkey is in Europe.
  19. Despite its traditional roots, no one in Turkey wears a fez nowadays.They were banned in 1925.
  20. Tulips were introduced to Europe by Turkish traders in the 16Th century.